COVID-19 and Social Isolation

COVID-19: When Social Distancing Leads to Social Isolation

Surviving Loneliness in the Wake of COVID-19 Our country has taken drastic ...
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when should I consider getting a patient advocate?

Should You Consider a Patient Advocate When Planning for the New Year?

As the year draws to a close, now is the perfect time ...
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Nesterly Central Ohio provides homesharing for seniors who age-in-place

New Program Offers a Win-Win for Age-in-Place Seniors and Young Renters

Thanks to an innovative program launched this month, Franklin County seniors have ...
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Age-Friendly Initiative Brings Support to Local Seniors

None of us are getting any younger. In fact, central Ohio’s 65 ...
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health risks, sitting is the new smoking,

Want to live longer? Get out of your chair.

Guided Patient Services tackles the reality of our modern life. We sit. ...
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what is a patient advocate

A New Twist on “The Talk” — Conversations About Comfort Care

You probably remember being a recipient of  “The Talk” — an uncomfortable ...
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