So Lonely. How to Combat the Loneliness Epidemic

For generations, many of our well-known music icons have been singing about ...
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how to help a loved one with dementia

A Private Patient Advocate’s Tips for Families: How to Help a Loved One With Dementia

As a private patient advocate, Guided Patient Services is offering tips for ...
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How to Reduce Your Risk of Non-Love-Related Falls

  February may be the month for falling in love, but that’s ...
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Give Your Family the Gift of Planning

The holiday season is a time for traditions, memories, and visiting family ...
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Do You Know the Difference Between a Hospital Patient Advocate and an Independent Advocate?

Francine reports: After my husband Leonard had surgery last week, he stayed ...
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The Longer You Sit, the Faster You Age! Really?

It is argued that variations in telomere length may explain what can ...
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