The Longer You Sit, the Faster You Age! Really?

It is argued that variations in telomere length may explain what can ...
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Private patient advocate for cancer patients | Columbus, Ohio

Is Your Loved One Safely Aging in Place?

The holiday season brings families together, but for many who live far ...
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Patient advocate for seniors | Columbus Ohio

Centenarian Secrets: How to Live to Age 100 and Beyond

If you live in a town with a population of ten thousand ...
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More Men Caring for Mom -The Rise of the Male Caregiver

If you are a man caring for a spouse or a parent, ...
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Support for male caregiver columbus, Ohio

I am a 73-year-old orphan. Now what?

At first it may sound silly or improbable. But this is, or ...
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I heard “cancer”. My advocate heard everything else.

Over the next several months, Guided Patient Services hopes to shed a ...
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