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If you’ve found my website, chances are you or someone you care about is facing a healthcare situation. I know it can be shocking, devastating, and distressing. I’ve spent my life working in the medical field, and have built my business around helping others work their way through one of the scariest and most challenging times of their lives.


Why Choose GPS Columbus?

I founded Guided Patient Services in 2014 to serve the Columbus, Ohio area’s need for private patient health advocacy and navigation. As a physician, I saw families in the hospital who were overwhelmed, confused and uncertain of the next steps.

Through Guided Patient Services, I provide clients and their families with medical interpretation, direction, and support. I have had the honor of advocating for young people struggling with a complicated diagnosis. I’ve helped seniors who need coordination of care.

I’ve assisted out-of-town families, who as much as they want to, can’t make it to their loved one’s doctor’s appointments, hospitalizations or procedures. I replace worry, confusion and crisis with personalized assistance, guidance and assurance. My focus is to ensure my clients fully comprehend their medical situation, so they can make the best choices for their own health and well-being.

Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Guided Patient Services, Inc. is to provide unsurpassed patient advocacy and navigation to clients in an environment that promotes patient empowerment and knowledgeable decision making. Guided Patient Services’ company philosophy is to treat clients like family. This includes an unwavering practice of empathy, honesty, patience, integrity and caring.

Patient Stories

Learn about the clients we have helped

After meeting Annette and hearing what her services would provide we signed up as clients...

We first heard of Guided Patient Services while reading Atul Gawande’s ‘Being Mortal’. After meeting Annette and hearing what her services would provide we signed up as clients. Since then we have used her guidance through two lung cancer diagnoses; the first was stage one, and then a more serious stage 3 requiring chemotherapy and surgery. Annette has been with us during doctor visits, sitting down after each visit and reviewing what was said, which was always more than we retained. She tracked down a physician on vacation to get an answer when we had a decision deadline. Annette suggested getting a second opinion with another healthcare system that was the right call. She does things we have no idea can be done, all the while never telling us what to do, just what is being stated, and in a way that can not be done in the 15-30 minutes we are given in a office visit. Annette has checked in on us while we were in recovery mode, at times acting as the pivot point for all the different practices we were seeing, and along the way solving complex issues that have truly made our lives better while facing a serious illness. We have no medical language to draw on, and we don’t want to scroll our way through the internet, so we choose Annette to be our guide.

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