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I’ve known since an early age that I wanted to be a doctor. I had a love for science, an insatiable curiosity about how things work, and an overwhelming desire to help people.

4 Times You Should Always Bring Someone With You to a Doctor’s Appointment and Why It Can Be So Helpful

"Sometimes it just boils down to poor communication — oftentimes, a physician simply forgetting to share the reasons why they are or are not doing something," says Annette Ticoras, MD, BCPA, internal medicine physician and owner of Guided Patient Services in Westerville, Ohio.

When should you consider changing your medical provider? GPS advocate, Annette Ticoras, MD was pleased to contribute to this informative article in #medical #patientadvocacy #physicians #healthandwellness

GPS owner/advocate Annette Ticoras, MD shares her thoughts and perspectives on handling the changes that come with aging. This article ran in

Buckeye Lifestyle Magazine Summer 2020


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How to Get the Right Medical Care When You Don’t Speak English.

GPS patient advocate Annette Ticoras, MD had an opportunity to share her perspective on hospital advocacy on NBC 4. She encourages families and patients to take an active role in healthcare decision making. Click here to watch the video.

GPS patient advocate Annette Ticoras, MD had an opportunity to share her perspective on hospital advocacy on ABC 6. Click here to watch the video.

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When the Caregiver Needs Care

As the primary caretaker for my family, I was at a loss when I was suddenly faced with a serious medical diagnosis. We all wanted to be certain that I was receiving the best care and emotional support, while being well informed and confident in my healthcare decisions. That is where my advocate, Annette, stepped in. She provided knowledgeable, objective and timely translation of all my appointments and treatment regimens– not just for me, but for my family as well.

Additionally, she gave the emotional support I needed, while patiently and compassionately walking me through the storm. Having an advocate provided a comfortable connection between me and the healthcare system. She was able to listen objectively, take notes, prompt questions and confirm my understanding during physician visits. Her ability to put me at ease was a gift. With knowledge and understanding came less worry for me and my family.

B.V. Dublin, OH

Help, I'm Drowning

When I called Annette, I was feeling overwhelmed, underwater, and fearful of what the future might hold. I had no idea what steps to take next. There were so many decisions to be made about places, doctors and care. All of these decisions had to be made quickly, as well. I found it very difficult to make decisions when I was emotionally involved. Everything fell on me–the caregiver.

I felt like I needed to partner with someone during this difficult journey. I needed someone to be another set of ears and eyes in meetings and medical situations. I needed an objective person to help me ask questions because I was too involved to even think of the right questions to ask. I was so burdened that I couldn’t focus. A friend suggested that I get an advocate to help me.

Since Annette started working with me, we have overcome many obstacles and been faced with innumerable health care choices and decisions. Options regarding available treatments and optimal care are carefully researched, pursued, and discussed. Care appointments for my husband are coordinated, while vital medical team meetings and communications are handled efficiently by Annette, who always keeps me well-informed. With Annette’s medical knowledge and clinical experience, I am now confident in the choices I make for my husband today and for the future.

R.S. Canal Winchester, OH

My Smartest Healthcare Decision

Guided Patient Services (GPS) responded immediately in my moment of emotional crisis. As a recently appointed guardian for my 75 year-old sister stricken by a hemorrhagic stroke, I was physically removed by considerable distance in providing for her care. Annette Ticoras, MD at GPS agreed to consult with me and insure that my sister’s care was paramount. Through Dr Annette Ticoras’s guidance, I was ultimately able to relocate my sister and insure her a newer, superior level of care. Dr Ticoras and I had consistent patient care conferences where she interceded on my behalf with medical and healthcare professionals to insure accountability. We reviewed medical records and considered alternative care. We successfully moved from strategic initiatives to tactical implementation. I am proud to say that with Dr Ticoras’s professional guidance my sister is now receiving an amazing level of care.

Annette Ticoras, MD is a consummate professional based on her integrity, honesty, tenacity, and compassion. She is a respected medical leader who combines a sensitivity for clients with a deep level of experience in working in the medical community. Dr. Annette Ticoras is a highly skilled medical professional who brings a wealth of personal experience to her clients. She is thoughtful and creative. Dr Ticoras is an empathetic listener with excellent problem-solving skills.

Aligning with Dr. Annette Ticoras at Guided Patient Services (GPS) is one of the smartest healthcare decisions I made as my sister’s guardian.

Randy Treer, Westerville OH

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